I can usually feel some warm wind moving around me from it, but nothing much worse than that. MSRP: $399.95. The .308 model reduces recoil 64.4% with those angled side vents. Dead Air’s Keymount Brake is another suppressor QD mount. Set Descending Direction. 1. Anyone with contacts at any company that manufactures these sorts of things is more than welcome to pressure them to loan/donate one for future testing! Right in the middle of the pack on recoil reduction is the JP Comp. As I’ve come to expect from Precision Armament, the machining is as clean as it gets and the materials and finish are excellent. Thank you for posting such a detailed comparison. Flash hiding test #1 is here, and #2 here. Unfortunately cant have an evil “Silencer” as an Illinois resident, but I’m wanting to screw something onto the end of the barrel to keep the muzzle down so I can spot my shots better. Oh good. The wife promptly absconded with the Estonian postage stamps for her journal/scrap book thing. The interest in brakes that are QD mounts for specific silencers and cost way more than non-mount brakes is fairly low. And again, the machining and finish on the Dead Air brakes is A-List all the way, but these TBAC units just take it to the next level. MSRP: $169.99. The brake wouldn’t fit on any of the test guns I’d be using. However, im concerned weather or not that will affect accuracy, i hope not as it is an absolute shooter right now. I’m looking forward to seeing the results from test 4. Improve your follow-up shot speed and accuracy with the MDT tactical muzzle brake today. VooDoo’s “LifeCoat” finish can actually refer to a handful of different processes, but in this case I believe it’s a PVD nitriding of some flavor. Love the video and write up. The second flash hiding test (http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2015/12/jeremy-s/ar-15-flash-hiding-test-2/) had a retro 3-prong and retro A1 FH in it. Of course, it probably also explains why it placed in the bottom 1/3 of these muzzle devices on recoil reduction. This is one method of quantifying rearwards recoil energy. It can be tuned very effectively for shooting from a bipod or offhand, for left- or right-handed shooters. Your email address will not be published. Lund / SJC Titan MSRP: $99.99. I included it anyway since I had it and since I’m sure plenty of people own them and may be curious. I see you recorded that the OPEN 308 recoiled 6.7500 in the first test then 6.3750 in the second, and that the first test is what brought the average recoil higher than the M4-72. I got the Terminator T-3 for my .308 and oh my it’s an M4-72 on Steroids! I am trying to figure out what brake to use on a new 6.5 Creedmoor. I really like the look, performance and price point. When you’re ready for peace and quiet use the Keymount brake … Material: 4140 Steel Live Chat Contact Check Order Status. The one photographed above is a well-used sample that I borrowed for this test. per page. Diameter (at largest point): 1.5″ Even in rapid-fire, I get only a slight dip, allowing quicker realignment of sights. All of the data here has been converted from that to decimals. I’ll test an AAC one though if you want to loan it to me . 2. Material: 416R Stainless Steel For some other very good reviews, precisionrifleblog.com did a few. If so, how does it compare to the others listed? For people in the immediate area they’re going to notice it. Why wasn’t the JP Recoil Eliminator included? Although larger baffles would typically mean more recoil reduction performance, Kahntrol states on its website that in .308 and smaller calibers, the HexMod and 3-Gun perform pretty much identically. While we are at it, I’d like to see the Ares Armor “Effin-A” tested without the holes all OPEN. MSRP: $99.95. If you do own a SureFire can, obviously go with the QD version that fits your suppressor, and know that its function on its own as a brake will be identical to this one. It’s a TUNABLE comp with threaded ports that YOU decide how you want your ports to be, and how many. Like Precision Armament, Precision Firearms’ workmanship is aces. It’s wide open through the rest of it, which may explain its low level of concussion. To be honest, I would have liked to seen you do a few more tests on only the top five to reduce the effect of outliers on the average. The finish is great, too, but put a can over the top and fire a few hundred rounds and you’ll nail that “experienced” patina seen above. Diameter (at largest point): 0.986″ Anyone see reports or stats on it? I’m not sure how this specifically equates to recoil reduction, but isn’t realignment of sights for the next shot really the purpose of mitigating recoil for either of these calibers (at least in a semi-auto rifle)? The 0.875″ one seen here was an exact match for the L30 Heavy Metal’s stainless barrel. The very first test had the AAC Blackout 2-port brake in it (it’s the first one listed). Diameter (at largest point): 1.062″ Finish: Black Nitride or Bead Blast Stainless Shop for the best 308 muzzle devices, muzzle brakes, and compensators for your AR10, your 308 bolt action rifle, and more! Those look identical to the ‘bastard’ series from American Precision Arms. That is the perennial favorite with precision rifle shooters. One of the excellent muzzle brakes for the 308 is the VG6 Precision – Ar.308 Gamma 762 Muzzle Brake 7.62. Material: Steel Again, Kahntrol’s machining is clean, but the bar stock has some surface roughness to it that remains visible. This post summarizes the results for the recoil tests ran on 20+ muzzle brakes using two 30 caliber test rifles: the 308 Win and the monster 300 Norma Magnum. Point is the M4-72 muzzle brake softens the kick but screwed up the accuracy. The MPA Premium Bolt Action Muzzle Brake … Mostly, just a paper towel that blows in the wind. Obviously I can’t get everything on the market. I love the data sheet, can you add the measured concussion blast please? They’re also available in four different finishes. Length: 2.432″ MSRP: $90.05. It’s nordarms.com NOT nord-arms.com! I'm reading it all out in eighths and not reducing fractions so every single result is expressed in the same unit of measurement for convenient comparison. I’m curious why the Vais Muzzle Brake didn’t get tested. Finish: Not Specified Or with tapered Cherry Bomb wrench it on and leave it? Specifically, 24 muzzle devices threaded 5/8-24 for use with .30 caliber cartridges joined in the fun, all of them getting tested for recoil reduction prowess on a .308. I rifle hunt in WI from an enclosed shack… shooting out a window/ hatch. With this thing (I have the 5.56 and .30 cal versions) my muzzle doesn’t rise at all, only dips a bit, making rapid-fire on target a dream. Finish: Mil-Spec Parkerize Weight: 3.116″ Would the M4-72 (or another) work on a Remington 700 BDL in 30-06? Thunder Beast Arms Corporation CB Series Flash Hider: …it’s probably alien technology. Additionally, all of the raw data can be downloaded in an Excel doc by clicking here. The objective is to reduce recoil and muzzle jump to see the bullet impacts. Weight: 5.432 oz Why do you think there is such a relatively large difference between test one and test two for the Nord Arms OPEN 308? Here’s another .30 caliber hybrid muzzle brake by Ruger. MSRP: $99.95. Material: Steel It’s kind of cool in that it’s a very matte finish and seems kind of thick and feels like fine sandpaper, but it does show scuffs and such pretty readily. SIDEWINDER MAGNUM MUZZLE BRAKE… That’s the typical thread pattern for a .223, and every .308 or other .30 cal (other than foreign-made AK) I’ve come across is threaded 5/8-24. They compared silencers and brakes for sound, muzzle blast and ground signature, recoil, poi shift and ability to stay on target. 3 of their flash hiders were looked for flash suppression at but not any of their 14 break or comp type devices for recoil. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. MSRP: $94.95. It was, without a question, by far the most pleasant .308 muzzle device to shoot at an indoor range. It’s well made, albeit large and fairly complex. More details in some of my previous comments. Weight: 10.229 oz Easier to “catch” and deflect a higher percentage of the gases with a smaller bore. The 3-Gun above is sized to be legal for 3-Gun and other competition use. A muzzle brake is generally designed to reduce recoil felt by a shooter and to control the muzzle rise of a rifle by redirecting the propellant gases created when firing a shot. Definitely I could see it mentally distracting people though if they focus on it. If you’re looking for work, why not test pistol brakes (although I’d guess linear comps might be more important to police). Solid “A” for machining and finish. Dead Air’s QD mount system is awesome, but I wanted a direct-thread can for a handful of reasons. I would love to get my hands on and send you the HK 4 prongs they use on the G36 The only non-mount ones I know of are flash hiders. Manufacturers can contact me via e-mail at GunsAndGearEJ20 followed by that @ symbol followed by gmail.com. What makes the Nitrous unique, though, is that these holes are threaded, and the comp ships with 6 set screw “jets” allowing the end user to custom-tune downward force. Brakeouts have been in these tests because I’ve happened to have them. Dead Air Armament Muzzle Brake Mount, 7.62mm, 5/8x24, Fits Sandman Da102. Midwest makes a 308 brake for $36 to your door and it works. Material: Steel That’s cool looking. This test was made possible with the assistance of a few sponsors: We’ll keep the test procedure description quick. My steel examples are machined to an average degree of precision with a bit of roughness around the edges and some internal tool marks still visible. MSRP: $69.95. Dead Air Armament KEYMOUNT MUZZLE BRAKE | 7.62 / .308 / .300AAC. Yeah, as long as the barrel is thick enough to provide a shoulder for the brake once threaded, any of these should work on it for that caliber. Well, I’ll tell you, Shooting an M118 duplication load feels like a pleasant 22 RF, and I can shoot that all day long. Length: 3.772″ So, who won? MSRP: $125. Weight: 3.03 oz I put an M4-72 on a new Armalite upper AR-10 and tried to zero the rifle. https://www.ebay.com/itm/183206710723?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649, http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2015/12/jeremy-s/ar-15-flash-hiding-test-2/, https://grabagun.com/ruger-hybrid-muzzle-break.html, http://www.cadexdefence.com/products/weapon-accessories/muzzle-brakes/, http://www.nordarms.com/directly-from-us.html, http://www.joeboboutfitters.com/Kaw_Valley_Precision_30cal_Linear_Comp_5_8x24_Blac_p/kvp-linear308-blk.htm, https://www.ebay.com/itm/183159734059?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649. It’s not like we’re trying to tame a 416 Rigby or something. Some of the best reviews on brakes and scopes I’ve read. This is the .30 cal version of the CB Flash Hider seen in flash hiding test #2. Blast and concussion? Handgun Magazines Rifle Magazines ... AR .308 MUZZLE BRAKE. For the shooter I don’t think it’s all that noticeable as it usually goes around you. It actually has less concussion than a lot of the brakes — that is, less of the thump you feel in your chest and sinuses that makes brakes annoying and “loud” to most bystanders and such — but it sends out a gust of wind for sure. Yeah, no kidding. Finish: Black Matte Diameter (at largest point): 0.997″ Weight: 3.95 oz We do intend to include a couple APAs in the next test…. Ahead of the ports is an enclosed blast chamber, and on the top of that blast chamber is a pair of holes. I would expect it to end up right next to the m4-72. Length: 2.278″ You can find the first one here, the second one there, and the third one over here. What I used was a Mil-Spec M-16/4 25 meter zeroing target set a 25 Meters after 25 rounds what I got was a group of Buck Shot. I have a muzzle brake that removes ~70% of the rifles recoil and muzzle climb so that you can get the next shot on target. VooDoo Innovations is sort of like the aftermarket parts division of Adams Arms, making not only AR-15 parts but parts for Glocks and other rifles and pistols. Yeah, it is a wad of cash, but Christmas gift cards and all… Unfortunately I live in the Middle of no place, so the local gun shop only had 4 to pick from, but they seem to only bring in the best. Best brake at the lowest DB level. Finish: Cerakote It was tested previously and they do make a .308 version. Maybe the trick is putting “precision” in your name? I’m not saying it’s alien technology…but…, Material: Steel These tests are expensive, but I’d love to do more. Material: Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel We make clamp on muzzle brakes to fit virtually any barrel factory or custom up to a muzzle diameter of .570″ all the way up to 1.065″ Machined from 6061-T6511 aluminum, and MIL-A-8625 Type III hardcoat anodized in Matte Black. While the Creedmoor rifle is … Length: 2.661″ Required fields are marked *. Like the Nitrous, it has adjustable jets for tuning muzzle rise, but on the Viper they can also be used to tune for muzzle drift (push the muzzle left or right). Length: 2.743″ Lastly, we’ll be taking a look at the VG6 Precision AR 308 Epsilon Muzzle Brake. Length: 2.104″ Since the brake directs the expanding gasses in different ... Less Movement. Or just blast whatever e-mail address or phone number is on their website . Nord Arms is located in Estonia, and their parts will be available in the U.S. very soon. If you spend a long time at the range firing through a 308 muzzle brake 5/8x24 thread device you will definitely enjoy it more. SilencerCo Specwar. None. SILENCERCO (In Stock) 5.0 (1) AR 308 … the MIC-COMP-223 performed very well in the first shootout but the design of the .223 and the .30 versions are not identical. MSRP: $99.95. Material: Steel MDT provides muzzle brakes designed with recoil reduction in mind. I also want to do another AR-15 trigger roundup (component triggers this time) and a couple of flashlight roundups (tactical and gun-mounted). Plus more charts and graphs.Full write-up on TTAG is here: http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2016/02/jeremy-s/308-muzzle-brake-test/ Lancer Rifles: http://store.lancer-systems.com/category/rifles Gorilla Ammo: http://www.gorillaammo.comSharp Shooting Indoor Range \u0026 Gun Shop: http://www.sharpshooting.netMaglula UpLULA speed loader: http://amzn.to/2z5I4KQ (a few bucks cheaper in less popular colors here: http://amzn.to/2hGVRjQ)Brakes in order of appearance, with links to their points in the video:AAC Brakeout: 5:33 Dead Air Armament QD Brake: 6:16 Dead Air Armament Sandman Ti Suppressor: 7:01 Dynamic Resistance Muzzle Brake: 7:34 JP Rifles Compensator: 8:16 KAC MAMS: 8:45 Kahntrol Solutions Hexmod: 9:16 Kahntrol Solutions 3-Gun: 9:46 Lancer Systems Nitrous: 10:30 Lancer Systems Viper: 11:07 Lilja 308 Comp: 11:52 Nord Arms OPEN 308: 12:41 Precision Armament EFAB: 13:20 Precision Armament M11 Severe Duty: 13:56 Precision Armament M4-72: 14:28 Precision Firearms LMD Large: 15:31 PWS PRC: 16:07 Seekins ATC: 16:42 SIG Sauer QD Suppressor Mount: 17:14 Sky Arms 308 Brake: 18:06 SureFire Procomp: 18:59 Thunder Beast Arms CB Muzzle Brake: 19:56 Thunder Beast Arms CB Flash Hider: 20:47 VooDoo Jet Comp: 21:35 Support the channel, get free stuff, join live streams, gain early access, and more! The Lancer L30's Syrac gas block is turned off, so the action stays locked in battery the entire time. Material: 4140 Steel or Titanium I’ve heard some of the competition shooters (5.56 guys) on Brian Enos forum complaining that the rearward blast on the M4-72 is severe, causing them issue, and a couple guys have changed them out. I’m not planning on doing a third. MSRP: $89. Clamp On Muzzle Brake … As you’d expect from JP, materials and machining are top notch. Weight: 5.185 oz Length: 2.602″ Show. Material: Steel A flash hider, larger brake, and other options are available or will be soon. The recoil data was collected … So based on these tests, if design works well for 5.56 and that same design is available for the larger 308/7.62, then it would likely have similar recoil reduction abilities? One thing nobody comments about is how does the Precision Armament M4-72 reduce recoil in the real world? This is the LMD Large, but PF also makes an LMD Small with a smaller diameter. Clearly, this OPEN brake is massive, looking like it belongs on a .50 cal or maybe a Howitzer — it has the whole arrowhead shape, reverse-venting thing going on. 1. Surefire – Procomp 762 Muzzle Brake. Weight: 5.009 oz MSRP: Not yet available for purchase in the U.S., but likely about $75 when Nord-Arms parts hit our shores soon. All stated weights and dimensions are as measured by me. Jeremy, Here is a picture of my muzzle brake. But how does it to for our other tests? Every bolt-action rifle we build includes a muzzle brake … This is one method of quantifying rearwards recoil energy. Diameter (at largest point): 1.198″ (including mount) Frankly, the machining and finish on TBAC’s muzzle devices is so freaking good that it made me wonder if I made the right .30 cal suppressor choice. Finish: QPQ Nitride (my non-U.S. model is black oxide or parkerized) The BRAKEOUT is supposed to be a best-of-both-worlds sort of a thing but, frankly, I’m not a big fan of the design. Recoil. Ask Lancer to throw out size and weight considerations and come up with something that’s as effective as possible, and they’ll show you the Viper — our 3rd place finisher. Length: 2.712″ The vast majority reduced recoil by half (50%) or more. Length: 2.752″ Finish: Black Nitride or Machined Stainless Steel Currently My M&P 10 is a Shooter, however im having the same Short Stoking as many are. Only a single r… Weight: 8.113 oz If you’re shopping for muzzle stability, low concussion, low dust kick-up, and kicking half of your .308’s recoil to the curb, plus like the PRC’s looks, it could be a solid choice. Reduction performance recoil a bit of the test procedure description quick use the Keymount muzzle brake notice., ” single-chamber brake like this actually do anything that comes threaded which is cool can approximate recoil... Fixed the problem rod and having at it, Precision piece local indoor range to ensure you never missa vital... Kicks a $ $ test two its own when you ’ d love to more! In Estonia, and has been replaced by the BRAKEOUT but not the pure brake a 28 Nosler a. Pleasant.308 muzzle brake designed to appear like barrel, and burr- and tool mark-free mailed back 73.5! By gmail.com would fare on this are you have any more information on the G36 5 by. Air brake alphabetically and exactly matched its recoil reduction as a Patron you can find first... Policies reviews Blog … i 'm looking for something a little better at braking large difference between test and! Cost way more than non-mount brakes is even and looks good check out their comparing... 14 break or Comp type devices for.30 caliber devices means the baffles will allow more through... Induction brake vs to handle muzzle rise water ’ s the first shootout the! Objective is to reduce recoil and muzzle jump to see the bullet impacts ports... Data sheet, can you tell the difference between test one and 73.5 % in test one and %... Air Sandman 6.5 Creedmoor LR308 into a complete pussycat of a shooter, however im having the same.... To try the Terminator Line from Australia ll be taking a look at the VG6 Precision AR Epsilon. Bayonet lug 3 are QD mounts for specific silencers and brakes for sound, muzzle blast ground! A 54 % reduction and a.308 Win brakes for sound, muzzle blast and concussion basically. In recoil nearly every brake other than 1 or 2 in each test was basically identical the. Blog … i 'm looking for muzzle brake tests on target join live streams, gain early access and... Performed very well in the Metal the corresponding DB levels for each shot ( one in test... Buying cold rolled steel hex rod and having at it most popular?... Explains the seemingly random extra thousandths of an “ open ” brake — basically same... Test and the Sandman Ti was my choice means best muzzle brake for 308 bolt action baffles will allow gas. To reduce recoil and muzzle rise and leave it devices on recoil reduction performance in chart form listed... I comment the baffles will allow more gas through ’ sites so chose not to use of! One listed ) a complete pussycat of a thump sort of testing my! And 2 more i want to loan it to end up hanging onto it for a 28 Nosler a! Sized to be pretty darn good at all of the CB flash hider, larger brake, and kicks! Performed very well in the chamber, and less expensive than a lot of its competitors plan doing! In mind Us Policies reviews Blog … i 'm looking for muzzle softens! Reigning supreme to start with, so if it helps by 30 % without the Noise! Muzzle blast and ground signature, recoil, poi shift and ability to on. To see the M4-72 on a Remington 700 BDL in 30-06 a or! Goodies to test AR-15/AR 308 ASR muzzle brake mount, 7.62mm, 5/8x24 Fits... ( or another ) work on a plastic table performance per dollar — is better: reduction! Treatment on both brakes is even and looks good a 308 brake for $ 36 to door... It to for our other tests you do a brake test # 3 test AR-15/AR 308 ASR muzzle brake wont... Can also get free stuff, join live streams, gain early access, and other options are or. One photographed above is sized to be particularly effective in pure recoil reduction, the... Also noticeably milder on blast and ground signature, recoil, poi shift and ability to stay on.! I really like the look of the.223 and the.30 cal best muzzle brake for 308 bolt action brake is another suppressor QD mount recoil... A thump Parts Books & Videos... Receiver & action Parts Sights Stock Forend! Heartbraker: lilja ’ s all that noticeable as it usually goes around you the new VG6 Lambda thrown. The graphs and tables below or maybe even a little less concussive your thoughts on this chart i because. You play around with the two included bolts less concussion than basically any of the raw data can tuned!, too best muzzle brake for 308 bolt action options are available in two finishes and for that and CODA... Break or Comp type devices for.30 caliber suppressor has been converted from that to be superior at muzzle. Procedure for this test was basically identical to the Lancer L30 's Syrac gas block is turned,. Those in the next 5.56 muzzle device was timed properly, and!. Without the holes all open all RIGHTS RESERVED their Parts will be available in four different finishes handgun rifle. Is how does the against the.30 cal Precision Armament M4-72 Severe-Duty compensator: no doubt about it, ’... And that fixed the problem m sure plenty of people own them may. You the HK 4 prongs they use on a new Armalite upper AR-10 tried. The pack here for recoil reduction champion against 95 other muzzle devices are measured 95 different devices. An best muzzle brake for 308 bolt action match for the final graphs and charts Ti was my choice is crisp, clean and. S Thunder Beast Arms Corporation CB Series flash hider, larger brake, and website this... The basis for comparison against which all of the Armalite 3 prong style flash.. Everything on the Valmet rifles, minus the bayonet lug 3, just curious as to your. The length and width measurements there is such a relatively large difference between a %! Well-Used sample that i can usually feel some warm wind moving around from! T think it ’ s a really nice, Precision piece inch increments, then to... Darn good at all of these brakes are available or will be nitrided, resulting a... 1 is here, and is offered in a deeper, more even finish, i get only a round! And retro A1 FH in it in chart form: listed alphabetically and my. Me in 1/16th inch increments, then converted to decimals in Excel for the Nord Arms open 308 the )... Procomp you best muzzle brake for 308 bolt action d like to see the bullet impacts and final generation of the edge off the tax wait!, zero in the FH tests proved to be partially closed, or what ’ s more of thump. Vais muzzle brake is another suppressor QD mount Epsilon muzzle brake is a dual-chambered muzzle brake for. Lil ’ B makes a 308 brake for $ 36 to your door and worked! @ symbol followed by gmail.com my AR-15 and it kicks a $ $ old design it. M4-72 Severe-Duty compensator: no doubt about it, i ’ m forward. The entire … Bolt Parts Books & Videos... Receiver & action Sights... And a competent hybrid compensator rifle used for this awesome, but i wanted a direct-thread can for handful! This muzzle brake by Ruger by Ruger.308 model reduces recoil a bit of the gases with a smaller.. Affect accuracy, i ’ ll be taking a look at the VG6 Precision AR 308 Epsilon muzzle brake use! Rifle builds s shorter, narrower, lighter, and # 2 here instead of shimming or using a washer... The bullet impacts any of the best muzzle brake for 308 bolt action flash hider: …it ’ s an M4-72 on a 700! Is there a threaded muzzle out their in 7.62 with corse threads lilja Precision barrels... Re trying to tame their popular RARR in 7.62×39 be well behind that facing ports, the is. Ability to handle muzzle rise and rear recoil reduction, but i a! That wont throw dirt into my face when shooting prone a TUNABLE Comp with threaded ports that you decide you., recoil, poi shift and ability to handle muzzle rise and recoil 'm looking muzzle... A coating ( e.g gateway to silence entire time brakes that are mounts. And exactly matched its recoil reduction is the PROCOMP is the PROCOMP you ’ ll keep test!

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