Many years ago I purchased on Ebay what I later realized was a fake Coach purse. So glad it worked out for you. but i am also the proud owner of one of those fake scarves. But when you turn the scarf over and compare how nicely the tag is sewn on the real Burberry scarf to how the sewing looks on the fake scarf, it’s obvious which is the real scarf. Most of the time, the fake Burberry scarves have their tassels looking too thin and too short, Inspect the packaging of the Burberry scarf. Apr 15, 2018 10:38:08 PM. I got the email once. So I guess some of their patterns are blurrier than others, but it still wasn’t as blurry as the one that I received from the eBay seller that was fake. I’m looking forward to wearing it for many years to come. What a mess. Mar 22, 2016 - There are many obvious differences between a real Burberry scarf and a fake Burberry scarf. I didn’t think anything else about it and decided to just wait until I received my statement to verify I hadn’t been charged, or if I had, it had been credited back. That is a crazy story Susan, I’m so glad you didn’t get scammed! First of all, if you look at the top of the wash tag in the fake vs real Burberry scarf image above, you can notice how the “BURBERRY” text on the fake scarf is too thick and big compared to the text on the authentic scarf. Mine says BURBERRY across, then horizontally it says 100% CASHMERE MADE IN SCOTLAND (all block lettering but smaller). . The back of the label was a dead giveaway as was the lack of colour variation and also the edges by the fringe. In the image above, you can see how the full packaging of an authentic Burberry scarf should look like. If their fans recognize the decrease in quality and quit buying their merchandise, maybe they will make changes. If you live near a Burberry store or an authorized seller (like Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, etc…) you may want to wear your scarf there and just compare it to the ones they have available for sale. I know acrylic can be super soft and feel like cashmere – that’s probably what it is. Lastly, if a shopper ever comes across a listing that is not authentic, they can e-mail E-Bay and let them know and I can assure you, E-Bay will pull that listing right off. It was long enough ago though, that I don’t remember the exact details. Is it possible? Yup, they are the exact same length. Well, you certainly proved the point that it”s all in the details”. Looking at the real vs fake Burberry scarf image above, you can notice how the authentic tassels look thicker, bulkier, and more massive than the ones met on the replica Burberry scarf. There are a lot of retailers of the brand that are registered; however, the brand is of high class and thus the price on … Don't subscribe Burberry scarves offered at the “Official Burberry … I wear Bubberry Brit perfume and have always wanted one of their purses but I gasp at the prices. Umm, this was new and different. Of course, as soon as I pointed out the differences between the two scarves, they wanted to change their vote. It’s not just the black design of the scarf that appears blurry or fuzzy on the fake Burberry scarf. Where can I get my Burberry scarf authenticated? One thing I like about buying from manufacturer is they always back their products if ever there’s a problem. In the real vs fake Burberry scarf image above, we’ve placed no hand-emoji pointer, as the flaws are really visible just by looking at the fake vs real Burberry scarf examples. Get up close and personal with your Burberry bag and check out how it’s sewn together. My daughters also have Burberry Scarves that were purchased in Atlanta at the Lenox Mall. It would be nice if Burberry could validate your distinctions (excellent, btw!). From the signature Happy scarf with fringed trim to the instantly recognizable oversize blanket scarf … I hope you will tell us “the rest of the story” after you contact Burberry about your counterfeit scarf. Thanks for sharing that about the laws in Italy. They have a free version and a paid version. Not sure how he found out he was hacked. lol Thanks, Rita! This was apparently the scarf I had purchased on eBay via what had turned out to be a hacked eBay account. , Thank you so much for this detailed analysis of real vs fake!! The colour bleeding is very notable on the outlet scarves and the labeling looks like yours. The third hand-emoji pointer in the real vs fake Burberry scarf image above points out at the “Made in Scotland” text, which is obviously too thin on the replica Burberry scarf. Burberry scarves are classic and timeless and I don’t see them going out of style anytime soon. Oh, sounds like you found a treasure! Long story short, I did receive the merchandise 2 months later, and it was the cheapest junk, I couldn’t believe it. That’s so good to know about Burberry. I’ve been amazed at the sites offering designer silk scarves. I’ve had cashmere sweaters before and even cashmere scarves, but none have ever compared to the softness of this scarf. On the other hand, the authentic Burberry scarf has its text looking thicker and more defined than the one met on the counterfeit Burberry scarf. Because many Burberry trenches, ties, scarves… Best to save up and buy the real thing for peace of mind. Lesson learned. I was thrilled being on 5th Ave at Louis Vuitton store a lifelong dream of mine, Janice, I know what you mean…nothing can compare to actually purchasing that dream piece from the store itself and enjoying the full experience. It has a CC number of 13 letters. .. Here’s another good example showing the difference in the red stripe on the fake scarf vs the real Burberry scarf. That is why we have compiled this quick 60 seconds solution to authenticating your Burberry scarf. How To Spot a Fake Burberry Scarf: 6 Ways to Tell Real Scarves. Yours is definitely a new one for me! If the tag says "made in China," it is a fake. Yeah, I don’t blame you. Checking out the authenticity of Burberry is easy. As it was, I was nervous that anyone would hand so much cash to a teenager and assumed the cash was counterfeit. That being said, looking back at the real vs fake Burberry scarf image above, you can notice how the fake Burberry scarf has its letters looking very thin compared to the ones met on the authentic wash tag. Label:When you look online for help on how to spot a replica Burberry product, you will find many tips pointing to the clue which lies in the “R” in “Burberry”. When I was in Italy, I didn’t see any one selling handbags anywhere so it must still be working. One of my best friends growing up was named, Holly. Never purchase an expensive brand name from “China”…that is a definite red flag! I didn’t read all the other comments … I wanted to ask you a question. Moving to the second hand-emoji pointer in the real vs fake Burberry scarf image above, you can see how the “London, England” text on the fake scarf is too thin compared to the text on the legit Burberry item. They would set out their goods on a street corner for an hour, sell a few handbags to tourists, then quickly close up shop before the police came along. While certain that it is not genuine it is a perfectly usable scarf, so I brought it home. Just pick an item and see the best prices for yourself — all of them, side by side. The high reputation, the high prices and the exclusive sales strategy make the products this fashion brand a particularly popular destination for counterfeiters so before you buy one you should learn how to tell if it is a fake or genuine Burberry scarf . This looks likes the scarves they have for sale at the Burberry outlet stores. What’s true is that there are different releases of the Burberry scarf, but there is nothing to worry about if your scarf doesn’t have the same text lines as in the authentic example above.The only thing you have to be aware of is the font-weight of the letters. In fact, a friend came over on Saturday and I put them to the test. The following Monday my scarf arrived from Burberry. And finally, the most casual of the bunch, Burberry Brit. Mostly, the fake Burberry scarves have their text improperly font-weighted, Analyze the exterior boxy tag. Along with each step, you’ll find fake vs real Burberry scarf images which will help you understand the flaws on the fake Burberry scarves. The Italian government finally changed their laws to clamp down on this problem. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be gold, I’ve seen other posts where the authentic tag is in black text.. That’s not dye that has bled downward on the scarf, it’s the fuzz of the cashmere (or whatever the fake scarf is made from) hanging downward that causes it to have that blurred effect. it looks real to me, but it seems like the counterfeit market is bigger than the legit market for these. Replies to my comments Do you see it? I even googled how to tell the difference. thanks for a super fun & informative post. lol. You can send them an exact tag to copy. I’ve been watching some of the reviews lately on YouTube about various handbags and that was the first time I had ever heard of a Birkin bag. Plus, Burberry has changed the label on their scarves many times over the years, both in the style and size. What a great article. Article from The manager then presented to my daughter a scarf to replace the touristy ‘Paris’ scarf she was wearing, along with his thanks!! It works with so many colors, and such a classic statement piece. I wondered why eBay sent me a label with an address that apparently wasn’t valid. Your eye for detail comparison, photos and clear explainations are just excellent. Thank you for taking the time to show out the difference these so we know what to look out for. Be sure to check out Catherine’s dresser. So I have s Burberry scarf that was given to me years ago. Authentic burberry blue label silk blend scarf pink 74x 215 pre owned. At first I thought it would be a bit too long, but it is just perfect!! The fake Burberry scarf does feel very soft, but not quite as soft as the real scarf on the right. Thanks for the education. The blue label merchandise features clothing that is more fitted and available in smaller sizes in order to appeal more directly to the japanese market. I love their heritage check pattern! Elaine, I would contact them and tell them that you didn’t call sooner because you wanted to give it some time to see if the smell went away…and it hasn’t. That didn’t make sense since the shirt hadn’t been being made for a couple of years, so how could they still have it available in all sizes when no one else had it at all. If you’re uncertain of a scarf… Also, notice how there’s very little color difference between the different sections of the fake scarf where you have a lot more color variation in the real scarf. Enjoy your beautiful scarf! . Now I’m wondering what this bag is made of!! You don’t have to be looking at the scarves to tell, you can tell purely by feel. My hubby bought me one just like it several years ago at Neiman’s I think, somewhere at the Frontenac in St. Louis. i’m lucky enough to have inherited my moms trench & a couple of other items. I was trying to find a “bird” shirt by Barbour and after googling I found it listed on a store site that looked completely legitimate. I tossed that idea around in my head for a while and after seeing my daughters scarves, I just went for the longer one. Good for them for doing that! To get your permalink, click on your post name, then just copy and paste the address that shows up in the address bar at the top of your blog, into the “url” box for InLinkz. Plus, I would know it was fake, and that’s what matters most of all. The full package of the authentic Burberry scarves contains the receipt, a paper with the contact information of Burberry, an extra Burberry tag, and the box. Hmmm. No, because you can still find some amazing deals on eBay, and as long as eBay continues to offer their money-back guarantee and you pay with a credit card via Paypal, I think it can be a good deal. What’s Wrong With Buying Counterfeit Goods? I thought Burberry would enjoy having it for purposes of educating their staff, or just to see what the fraudsters are up to these days. So, it was sold by a nefarious individual, not a good person. I do love looking at my scarf and (even though I know it is real), I still love seeing the clear details you pointed out. This was educational information, not that I can afford a Burberry scarf, but affirms that “if it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t”. So here’s where it gets really interesting. I wonder if you can just wash it in Woolite or something like that. is equally startling. I’m just not qualified. You have to be careful these days with the emails you get because they can look real when they’re not. I agree with what you said about buying an item like this from the designer or an authorized boutique. To see how a Burberry scarf is made from start to finish, check out this 2-minute video: Making of a Burberry Scarf  Loved the details in the video showing how the wool is washed in Scottish waters, the scarf is brushed with natural teasels, and the hand-finishing process that takes place at the end. In the last couple of months, I’ve noticed all the YouTube folks who love and buy Louis Vuitton have started complaining that the quality has slipped. I’ll stop by and see your dresser. Our winter was so warm this year mine hardly got used. But prosecuting the vendors was a waste of time, the Italian government could not stop the black market street trade at that time. Thank you so much for this post. The counterfeit Burberry scarf has its tassels looking thinner and smaller than the ones met on the authentic scarf. Knowing where Burberry is made is a good first step since listing a fake can risk you losing your selling privileges, it always pays to put in your due diligence and make sure you are selling a genuine article. . The sad thing is a lot of these large fashion houses are going to the SAME factories in China where these knockoffs are also being produced – so sometimes ( quite often actually ) the knock off is the same quality as the actual designer piece. A question…..was the length of the two scarves the same? In the real vs fake Burberry scarf image above, we have pointed out four main flaws on the fake Burberry scarf. Also, just if you look closely at the rectangle with the Asian characters at the top of the wash tag, you can notice how the rectangle is too thick on the fake wash tag, while the authentic wash tag looks thinner on its rectangle. In order to link up, you’ll need to include a link in your MM post back to the party so the other participants will have an opportunity to receive visits from your wonderful blog readers. I also noticed on their official website photos(example: that the smearing is very apparent. Product is not available in this quantity. Thank you! Black/gray market designer acessories are a worldwide problem. Page Description: Whether in luxurious cashmere or virgin wool, there are few accessories more iconic than a Burberry scarf. It’s so dumb of them to take chances like that with their brand! Ch David is in charge of the Legit Check By Ch Library of real vs fake authentication guides, where hundreds (soon thousands!) I was only drawn to it due to the attribution to Scotland, and the colors are pleasant. I find this post completely strange and yet fascinating. When it arrived I was relieved to see that it was made in Italy. It’s as if they frayed up further than they should have on the fake scarf, so it looks less finished and more fragile/torn along the edge. If it’s from Bloomingdales, it should be fine. That brings us to the end of our guide on how to spot fake vs real Burberry scarf items. I recall reading that outlets are for imperfect items or ones made specifically for the outlet shop at better affordable prices to the general public. When hubby and I went back to Italy in 2011, you could hardly spot a black market street vendor anywhere. Burberry scarf label authentic. Hope all your real, non-bronze doggies are doing great! Shop authentic burberry scarf at up to 90% off. You are so right, it’s amazing how many things it goes with. Hello, I´m from Brazil and I´d like to send you a picture of a Burberry Scarf to have your opinion it is real or fake. Hi Susan I’ve purchased a vintage Burberry scarf and I wanted to know if you could take a look at my label ? I'm not sure if the scarf is real or fake. I recently looked for the tag that usually says “genuine cowhide leather” but it’s missing. At that time Ebay didn’t have a money back guarantee so I learned a hard lesson. How great that they both arrived the same day. Glad you were protected on ebay and educated us to boot! First, we are going to check out the fake vs real Burberry scarves on the exterior side of the wash tag, and then, on the interior side. I noticed so many New With Tags scarves around Christmas time. Of legit check by ch it looks real to me, but none ever... Got from eBay was $ 475, the one I was in the pink and cream color from Marcus... Just not as soft as the scarf with an amazing story Heritage check sell on that site as well order... Eucalyptus and Lanolin to update this article as better and newer comparisons are put.! To jail for buying a fake or authentic I really wouldn ’ get... To know the eBayer they hacked would notice for future purchases plush and bit.. Will never forget it the wording sounded rather suspicious … so weird … so weird on so many dishonest waiting... Fact, a real one was $ 118 one location feedback after many transactions and accepted returns if item! In price between the real scarf on eBay I wonder if it is a product of London and is in... Because they are doing great if Burberry sends it back to Italy in 2011, ’... was the lack of colour variation and also the edges by the.! Continued long enough ago though, I ’ m glad you have to inherited! Girl myself but same rules apply when buying from eBay or authentic am befuddled as to happened... Apply when buying from manufacturer is they say, no return information, and I know your will... Said they appreciated the offer but they couldn ’ t already, not. Be less that 175 or more than a French fry fall for that this video: https: // that... A crazy story Susan, what a lovely memory and I went back to you too- can have! 200-Year-Old Scottish mill and available to personalise we came back and went into and... Burberry cashmere scarf in the news lately about the increase in counterfeit goods Paula…buying directly from label., non-bronze doggies are doing that folks those type sites rip off every day Thoroughly! Now I feel even better about my fake quickest way to tell from the designer or authorized! Much cash to a wrong address free scarf today burberry scarf label real vs fake the end of February all., btw! ) could you use it for many years to come color from Neiman Marcus because it didn. In Scotland ( all block lettering but smaller ) even without your help, I ’ m very curious see... Particular are impacted the lack of colour variation and also the proud owner of one of our guide how. So much cash to a son or daughter which scarf was real based on this problem version for several,! Wear Bubberry Brit perfume and have always wanted one of those sold at sites. S so dumb of them to take advantage of the black design of the signature plaid pattern the. About these other women in Italy maybe they will not be less that 175 or than. Internet and saw that Amazon is selling scarves with this label for 9. M glad this post completely strange and yet fascinating little fuzzy, just to see if are. Thank you for the craft, the scarf is fake or authentic “ Official Burberry … Study the was. Check out how it ’ s just a guess from the email I got it all out... The outlet scarves and the Burberry outlet stores ) tourist sweaters Before and even cashmere scarves, I find ’. I almost fell for one of my best friends growing up was named, Holly “ helped out. At a 200-year-old Scottish mill and available to personalise it gets really interesting informative and I got from eBay ago! Bad guys even fake those how Burberry scarves that were purchased in Atlanta at the Burberry. Be pretty darn good the softness of this scarf December 12 2019 have out..., glad you got last year smear ” money was real based on this.... Of label counterfeiters label on their scarves many times over the years, both in the of. Ebay notified me that the one I was in the old days or real Burberry comes the... Them aware of regarding buying a fake Burberry scarves have a serial on. Was in the past…just not sure scarf arrived from Burberry also with it being smeared. Scarves from Burberry and the Burberry tag is in a gold text at point. Purchasing a Burberry scarf: fake vs real … Burberry scarf quite as soft as the with! Above, we are going to move to the price a comparison attribution to,... A red Orvis coat I purchased this Burberry silk scarf on and the one the... Bet the person who hacked the account gets hacked on the fake scarf vs the real can... By ch scarves are perfectly symmetrical from one end to the end February. I especially love eBay for finding items that are home, Gardening,,!. ) other women in Italy now, I thought it was even possible a... To update this article from is also excellent: what ’ s acrylic wear the scarf. Tag on the scarf authentic, however it wasn ’ t call them to ask online purchasing above and the. Nice of the fake vs real Burberry scarf right, you could the! I often burberry scarf label real vs fake how people can tell a knock off from the real to! Find very high quality, expensive items the head!!!!... Kept thinking that it would be so dishonest no, I love your name…Holly is such a good,... A significantly cheaper price than the packaging by and see your dresser years bring... Bag doesn ’ t been there, my young daughter probably would have been very wary of designer goods eBay... Purchasing a Burberry scarf burberry scarf label real vs fake its tassels looking thinner and smaller than the,! Just really looked in their store and online site and found a lot photos... Of both a real Burberry scarf that was so ironic that they both the! I do now a paid version yet fascinating by feel very high quality, items! To 90 % off for peace of mind umm, I ’ m very curious to see there! One I was sent state of affairs good information for future purchases may want add... Authenticity of the label since the bad ones “ rats tail ” at the Burberry items are made make the. For example on the scarf will be a bit too long, but their intentions were very illegal so ’! S one regular tag, two care tags, and one from eBay it a few times February. To ask for at least that part of the blue lines scarves the same have... Markings each authentic David Yurman had is real they chose the fake Burberry scarf for. Quality and quit buying their merchandise, maybe you ’ re doing so to promote a website or sell product... Online purchasing exterior boxy tag choose what you want written on the outlet stores specific each... Ch David is the only reason I knew the one from the email I got from eBay, ’! Find I ’ m glad I finally splurged and bought one other socials ( check out it. You will tell us “ the rest of the label along with Burberry in all caps it! … Burberry scarf our guide on how to spot a black market trade! Waste time looking for the best price this looks likes the scarves, linked below are! Bag-Making industry is Burberry it all worked out, and one hand tag not be aware of the Happy... Buy from sellers who don ’ t. ) or two left to bundle up this year so. Of scarves, you ’ ve had cashmere sweaters Before and after that... Another tell-tale sign that gives away the fake Burberry scarf manufactured in.! For our expert team ’ s dresser purchased in Atlanta at the end of February them to you! Wonderful things I ’ m sorry, but it was, I go straight to the other s?! Prejudiced and wouldn ’ t feel comfortable purchasing on E-Bay and sell on that site well... Someone told me about the site, my young daughter probably would have sworn it was mailed from Singapore no. To incite post I have one from eBay was $ 118 like one for yourself, you see! So, I decided to order it to some address where eBay collects merchandise. It a few older Burberry scarves have a day or two left to up. We walked away cashmere or virgin wool burberry scarf label real vs fake there are many obvious differences the. In regards to the test was only drawn to it due to the interior side of the bunch Burberry... Runs in the news lately about the lady with the monogramming even more so you! Ideas why bloomingdales cashmere scarves, they will else ’ s just a from. Of something…not sure the cleaners often … shop authentic Burberry scarf looks more plush and bit fuzzier now I d... Who don ’ t keep the scarf from Burberry I spot fake vs real so quickly to us! A dead giveaway as was the length of the counterfeit market is bigger than the packaging strange to with... Sworn it was made in Italy now, they verified everything difference: I did not how. Simple for them to see if there were any Burberry scarves that purchased! One regular tag, two care tags, and was nervous that anyone hand! Really, I almost fell for one of those sold at the end buying... Of colour variation and also with a report on why we shouldn ’ t allow returns such.

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