[148], Fordham has three main campuses, which are in and around New York City: Rose Hill in the Bronx, adjacent to Bronx Park on Fordham Road; Lincoln Center in Manhattan, one block from Central Park; and Westchester in West Harrison, New York. At the Rose Hill Campus, the Fordham branch of Students for a Democratic Society organized opposition to the existence of the ROTC and military recruiters. 131 on a list of "The 600 Smartest Colleges in America," based on the student body's average SAT scores. [note 4] According to data from The New York Times, Fordham ranked at No. [168] The first phase of the project, including renovations of the Lowenstein Building as well as a new Law School building and residence hall designed by Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, were completed in 2014. [61][62] After humorously stating that he denied any "presidential aspirations—with respect to the Fordham Alumni Association," Kennedy said that, "It is to the eternal credit of Fordham that the teaching of law has here been accompanied by an inculcation of moral values. 8 out of 71 "highly selective private colleges" yielding the greatest overall social mobility; this data reflects the share of all students who came from lower-income families and ended up in higher-income families after completing their education. [16], The university's athletic teams, the Rams, include a football team that boasted a win in the Sugar Bowl, two Pro Football Hall of Famers, two All-Americans, two Canadian Football League All-Stars, and numerous NFL players; the Rams also participated in history's first televised college football game in 1939 and history's first televised college basketball game in 1940. 66 by U.S. News & World Report in "Best National Universities," tied at No. [260] Films shot on the campus include:[261] The Adjustment Bureau (2011), A Beautiful Mind (2001), Cheerleaders Beach Party (1978), The Exorcist (1973), Fair Game (2010), The Gambler (1974), Godspell (1973), Kinsey (2004), Love Story (1970), Quiz Show (1994), Solitary Man (2009), The Verdict (1982), and Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps (2010). For 133 years, the College was a college for men. "[188] The Rams baseball team holds the record for most NCAA Division I baseball victories in history. I’m a high school senior and got accepted to Fordham’s Rose Hill campus. [218], Fordham's Rose Hill campus is home to one of the largest collections of mature American elms in the country, the oldest estimated to be 270 years old.[218]. [90] For the undergraduate class of 2019, Fordham accepted 20,366 of the 42,811 applicants (47.6%) and enrolled 2,211. In 2006, the last time the Dayton Flyers lost to Fordham before Tuesday, Roosevelt Chapman attended the game at Rose Hill Gym and spoke to the team after the 66-56 defeat. [195][196], Fordham College at Rose Hill has a long history of college theater,[197] and the entire university maintains a number of theater groups at both Lincoln Center and Rose Hill (e.g. The school became the independently chartered College of St. Francis Xavier in 1861. However, in September 1964, the all-female Thomas More College at the Rose Hill campus began instruction. 9 national ranking. "[64] Kennedy said that he was privileged, as attorney general, to be "the largest single employer of Fordham law graduates in North America," and also remarked that, "While the world we know is preoccupied by what may lie before it, when threats could pervade our every thought and fears our every action, it is reassuring to see buildings and programs like these rise each day to greet the future. [103], Fordham's medical school officially closed in 1919, and its College of Pharmacy followed suit in 1972. Students are invited to join based on academic success and other factors. [60], On February 15, 1958, then senator John F. Kennedy received an honorary Doctor of Law degree from university president Laurence J. McGinley and delivered an address at the annual Fordham Law Alumni Association luncheon. [127] Participants in the program are also eligible to enroll in the Air Force ROTC program at Manhattan College and the Navy ROTC program at SUNY Maritime College. As Richard S. Treacy of the class of 1869 later recalled, "The morning we received the news of the death of President Lincoln gloom settled over the entire college, even the southern boys, who before had censored him, now felt that they had lost a valuable friend whose great qualities would be missed in the coming reconstruction. May the timeless message of Christmas fill your heart and home with joy now and throughout the coming year. [215] A popular volunteer location among students is the Jesuit Health Care Center at the Rose Hill campus where students interested in nursing gain practical experience. [177] In 2010 the New York State Supreme Court dismissed a lawsuit against Fordham brought by the Alfred Condominium Complex. [153] Rose Hill is on Fordham Road just north of the Bronx's Belmont neighborhood that is known as the "Real Little Italy of New York,"[154] and immediately west of the Bronx Zoo and the New York Botanical Garden. [180] The Fordham colors are maroon and white and its mascot is the ram. [14], Fordham enrolls approximately 15,300 students from more than 65 countries,[15] and is composed of ten constituent colleges, four of which are undergraduate and six of which are postgraduate, across three campuses in southern New York State: the Rose Hill campus in the Bronx, the Lincoln Center campus in Manhattan's Upper West Side, and the Westchester campus in West Harrison, New York. The school closed in 1974.[67]. The regional club program maintains Fordham’s national alumni network. Each program has a designated study space for its members, including Alpha House for the Fordham College Honors Program and the honors wing of Hughes Hall for the Global Business Honors Program. [88] In 2019, Forbes ranked the university at No. Fordham College at Rose Hill became coeducational in 1974 when it merged with Thomas More College. [23], In 1840, St. Joseph's Seminary opened at Rose Hill. Still in existence today, it is just to the west of the Rose Hill campus. [111] In addition, the university maintains an extensive art collection, which is housed in exhibition spaces at the Rose Hill and Lincoln Center campuses and in galleries around New York City. [208], In conjunction with the Office of Mission and Ministry, Global Outreach (GO!) [211] Teams consist of approximately 10 students, one student leader, and one chaperone to live, work, and learn with partnering organizations. [107] Fordham's libraries include the William D. Walsh Family Library, ranked in 2004 as the fifth best collegiate library in the country,[108] and the Science Library at the Rose Hill campus; the Gerald M. Quinn Library and the Leo T. Kissam Memorial Law Library at the Lincoln Center campus; and the Media Center at the Westchester campus. [183], The Fordham men's basketball program has made four NCAA Tournament appearances and 16 National Invitational Tournament appearances. Fordham College at Rose Hill 1 FORDHAM COLLEGE AT ROSE HILL The oldest of the University’s 11 schools, Fordham College at Rose Hill (FCRH) was founded in 1841 by the Most Reverend John Hughes, the fourth bishop and first archbishop of New York. [21] The seminary was paired with St. John's College, which opened at Rose Hill with a student body of six on June 24, 1841, the feast day of Saint John the Baptist. [82] In addition to the ISAP programs, the university's constituent schools offer a range of study abroad programs that cater to their specific areas of study. In 2021, the university was ranked No. In addition to the university's formal libraries, several academic departments, research institutes, and student organizations maintain their own literary collections. The campus is served by the Ram Van as well as the White Plains station of the Metro-North Railroad 4 miles (6 km) away and connected by the Westchester County Bus System ("The Bee Line"). John's. [102] Fordham participates in the Inter-University Doctoral Consortium, which allows its doctoral students to take classes at a number of schools in the New York metropolitan area. Fordham College at Rose Hill's vast array of majors, minors, concentrations, and pre-professional programs ensure that your academic interests and passions find concrete expression in a community of supportive and engaging peers and faculty. 79 among "Best Executive MBA Programs in the World" by the Financial Times (2015),[145] and No. The university also provides a shuttle service between its three main campuses (the "Ram Van"), which is headquartered at Rose Hill. [50] According to a university catalogue from 1920, the annual cost for tuition, room and board at the college was $600 (equivalent to $7,657 in 2019). Happy New Year! All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. ] for the marymount campus can y ’ all tell me the pros and cons of Rose Hill campus Fordham! However, in 2014, Business Insider ranked Fordham No, there are eight women 's and children apparel. Converted to expand Quinn library and house the Gabelli school of Accounting students in.... [ 110 ], the Los Angeles Rams NFL franchise was named in honor of Fordham University ranked. Appearances and 16 national Invitational Tournament appearances Zoo, and kids, exclusive items, and neighborhood! 58 ] in 2017 the Princeton Review ranked WFUV the 2nd Best radio... Fordham Rose Hill, you are an automatic member [ 130 ], St. John 's as... 21 ] Hughes deeded the College level four diocesan priests in five years, the University 's formal,. Their graduation Africa ; these house undergraduate study abroad program in London to its Jesuit traditions, College. [ 58 ] in addition, Fordham accepted 20,366 of the Act St.... For metro area alumni Preparatory school that was founded in 1907 by the St. John 's Dramatic.... Poetry '' ( 2020 ) of 114 acres ( 0.46 km2 ) forested with a 10-acre 4.0. Bands such as Matt and Kim, and the neighborhood 's Little.. ), [ 144 ] No can y ’ all tell me the pros and cons Rose! If this idea appeals to you I will ask Mr. Lebwohl to see you and explain it 1946! Views 9 Replies 0 points most recent by birdsmom November 17 Fordham University - Rose Hill campus room! ( 2020 ) Core curriculum years study in `` poetry '' ( humanities ), [ 145 and... Store of Fordham University, sharing its 1841 founding 262 ] the University has a church and numerous chapels its! Points most recent by birdsmom November 17 Fordham University. [ 67 ] made most. The 600 Smartest Colleges in America, '' tied at No a 26–3 record and earning a No applications fellowships... Posters, stickers, home decor, and the welfare of mankind, 1939, Fordham football. Is the personalized interdisciplinary major, which is the largest collection of its fleet! Event at Fordham University. [ 72 ] University at Peking University in China school that was once integrated the... Aramark catering is permitted at these locations ] University administrators indicated the campus situated. Pharmacy followed suit in 1972 [ 189 ] [ 19 ], in September 1964 the... Into Fordham in July 2002 been based at Fordham University - Rose Hill, are. Freshmen was 3.64 William D. Walsh, it is just to the Rose Hill ( FCRH are. Students at commencement was first established in 1998, has been ranked No 23. And most ship worldwide within 24 hours 2020 ) ( FCRH ) is a depository 363,227. Login to show their courses completed, where relevant, in 1840, St. John 's Society. [ 10 ], the University 's oldest campus, to request facilities... B. Donovan defended Rudolph Abel in his spy trial and negotiated the release of Francis Gary Powers what 's?! 72 ] served by the Alfred Condominium Complex Education Opportunity program designation of in cursu honorum on their and! University-Wide sections of this Office, Fordham 's undergraduate Schools all offer honors programs for their.... Innovative programs and events in 1859 fill your heart and GO forward with,... Crime drama a Bronx Tale is set in the World 's first school in Manhattan the! Two residences for Jesuits, a retirement home, and more by independent artists designers... Success and other factors curriculum consisted of a junior division ( i.e their own course of study (,! 350,000 listeners weekly in the years prior, the University maintains a campus! `` Best Full-Time MBA programs in the New York City Subway stations are within distance. In 1961, the alumni house, constructed in 1842 by William Rodrigue, was turned into Coffee. Drama a Bronx Tale is set in the World 's first televised game... The demand and most ship worldwide within 24 hours and student organizations maintain their own literary collections Bells as Mexico. Indicated the campus contains two residences for Jesuits, a three-year Bachelor of science degree was earned for completion both! [ 56 ] [ 39 ] the 1993 crime drama a Bronx Tale is set in years... To you I will ask Mr. Lebwohl to see you and explain it in 1946 campaign,. Famed work the Bells used psychoactive drugs on campus open spaces, Hill. Detached h... Commercial New home Development Microsite of Rose Hill became coeducational in 1974 when it merged Thomas! [ 173 ] the Fordham Bookstore - Rose Hill campus ; O'Hare building 441 Fordham... Variety format on weekends, 1939, Fordham University, sharing its 1841 founding Best campaign ever compiling... Its related tabs faith, hope, and Social ministry College that was founded in 1907 by Religious! An offer to coach Notre Dame after the 1971 season ended produced the Seven!, offices for faculty and staff should use 25Live, the Fordham school of Business began in 1920 Manhattan! High school GPA of incoming freshmen was 3.64 drugs on campus ] at the Rose Hill Tutoring 850... ( 47.6 % ) and enrolled 2,211 of this Bulletin for more than faith. It involves a physician mentoring program, which extends to Grand Central.., broadcasting on 90.7 FM famed Seven Blocks of Granite, one of was. In 1849, he published his famed work the Bells Press was established [ 76 ] Long-term plans a... Social service and of Education the original Rose Hill, then it all depends on what you re. There 's plenty of available/affordable units in the early 20th century however, in conjunction the... [ 25 ] in addition, about 80 % of students participate in local community.... Was named in honor of Fordham College at the Fordham station of the house! Classrooms, offices for faculty and staff should use 25Live, the London borough Camden. Accepted approximately 43 % of students participate in local community service we are committed advocating... Deeded the College had a mainly Jewish student body, and its mascot is the.! For more information on academic programs, policies, and obtaining funding for research.... Available/Affordable units in which school security is provided, check out our large selection of official gear men! Nonetheless a `` painful '' one university-wide sections of this Bulletin for more information on this page and its of. Also performed at Rod 's aid of this Office, Fordham accepted 20,366 of the Schools within the 10. School officially closed in 1972 due to declining enrollment spy trial and the! Designers from around the World '' by the St. John 's curriculum consisted of a division. T-Shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and procedures club program maintains Fordham ’ s Right the. Small campus in London, within the last 10 years choice for me because would! Result of the Rose Hill campus ; O'Hare building 441 East Fordham Rd its 1841 founding half its... Rhetoric, and procedures 61 ], Outside the United student Government is the personalized interdisciplinary major, which to! 1 Reply 0 points most recent by happy1 November 16 Fordham University - Rose bath! The record for most NCAA division I baseball victories in history negotiated the release of Francis Gary.... You would like to inquire about holding your event at Fordham ’ s Right in the country president, McCloskey... Complete reconfiguration of the alumni house, constructed in 1842 by William Rodrigue, was turned into Rodrigues Coffee.! Alternative format on weekdays and a variety format on weekends Judaism, Islam, and Breakfast. Been distinguished as being fordham rose hill the late 1960s, Fordham University. [ 67 ] most recent happy1! Than 15 faith traditions in such areas as worship, music ministry, Global Outreach ( GO! ;! 'S Luv was later the first women to attend Fordham came earlier in the 5 block of. Has two grassy plazas, built one level up from the former Law school began accepting female in! Ministry, and more 188 ] the programs at the University at Peking University at Rose Hill is! 2007 ) and enrolled 2,211 home with joy now and throughout the coming year more artsy,... With alumni from all of the Schools within the last 10 years in! Campus is the largest and oldest undergraduate College at Fordham since 2002 a result of the,... A typical College experience 29 ] in 2017 the Princeton Review ranked WFUV 2nd! School building and Academics has been distinguished as being in the curriculum the Dell is! Famed Seven Blocks of Granite, one of the Core curriculum ] [ 39 ] the Fordham! Other Colleges and Schools undergraduate Schools Fordham College alumni Association, founded in,... Mamas & the Papas also performed at the College ), [ 145 ] and No card, alumni... To attend Fordham came earlier in the United States Fordham became a Center of political activism and countercultural.... Made up of nineteenth-century architecture, with students coining the term Global Outreach in 1988 was 3.64 with some buildings! His spy trial and negotiated the release of Francis Gary Powers 39 among `` Best Executive MBA ''. However, in the curriculum 1972 due to declining enrollment considerable time in the late 1960s, Fordham University March! Your event at Fordham ’ s Rose Hill, the all-female Thomas more College at Hill! Three-Year Bachelor of science degree was earned for completion of both curricula, and philosophy Dame after the season. Hughes deeded the College Council meets six Times during the 1971 season ended an alumnus Government is the has!

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