Payment Deadlines. Founded in 1929 as Boston College’s first graduate program, Boston College Law School held its opening classes in the 11-story Lawyer’s Building on Beacon Street in downtown Boston. $2… The school “does a nice job of blending high academic expectations and a sense of community,” which fosters a commitment to social justice in its students. Tuition: $54,750: Living Expenses/Transportation: $24,000: Books and Supplies: $1,500: Campus Recreation Fee: $120: Student Activity Fee: $24: Loan Origination Fees: $99: Total $ 80,493 The annual list price to attend Boston College on a full time basis for 2018/2019 is $75,886 for all students regardless of their residency. All Law school students should expect an increase of tuition and fees each fall semester for the new academic year. Tuition and Fees LLM and other Graduate Programs. Boston College Tuition & Financial Aid. However, this number and one's actual expenses can vary. 8–12 credits: $19,084 per semester (annually: $38,168) 3. Programs with a third semester of enrollment will have an additional semester of tuition and fees. The Massachusetts School of Law is the most affordable of all the New England law schools. Boston College Law School, known colloquially as BC Law, is one of the six professional graduate schools at Boston College. For students attending the LLM, other Masters degree and Graduate Certificate programs online or on a part-time basis at the School of Law … You can view those who applied to Boston College Law School that were accepted, waitlisted, and rejected as well as filter by cycle and type of applicant (URM, International, Non-traditional). 9–12 credits: $19,084 per semester (annually: $38,168) 2. The new tuition and fees rate is decided by the Board of Trustees in June, and is generally published in July. BC Law ranks #36 in terms of highest tuition among full-time law students ($54,750). Apply Now Visits and Tours Request a Brochure. The Boston College Law School is a Jesuit institution that provides a holistic legal education balancing theory and practice. Boston College offers 2 Legal And Law Degree programs. Admissions information for prospective JD students. Cost per additional credit: $2,120 Flexible Part-Time JD Program: 1. This is 95% more expensive than the national average private non-profit four year college tuition of $29,191. We encourage students to register early to ensure that your bill is available on the StudentLink in a timely manner. Boston College can just do what every other law school is doing: artificially inflate its employment statistics with a variety of part-time, temporary, or on … Our affordable tuition combined with our professional skill training throughout the curriculum allows our students to pursue rewarding job opportunities that students from other law schools (plagued with overwhelming debt) cannot. On average, a bachelor's degree at Boston College will cost you about $235,229. Please note: All charges shown are per semester and all part-time fees are charged per credit.Full-time flat rate for DAY program is 10 - 15 credit hours per semester. Cost per additional credit: $2,120 Part-Time JD Programs (Evening or Day): 1. It began with an enrollment of 54 ambitious students selected from an applicant pool of nearly 700. Law Tuition Rates: Fall 2020-Spring 2021 Juris Doctor. The amount that most students pay after discounts and scholarships – the average net tuition – at private law schools was $29,754 for J.D. This is based on an average price (with and without aid) of $58,074 per year and an average of 4.1 years to graduate. Half the applicants admitted to Boston College have an SAT score between 1340 and 1500 or an ACT score of 31 and 34. Boston College is a private school. 7 credits or fewer: $2,120 per credit LLM in American Law: 1. BC Law is tied for #30 in terms of median starting salary among graduates working in government jobs or judicial clerkships at the federal or state level ($60,223). The 2020 law school tuition & fees at Boston College Law School is $57,150. students … The yearly tuition for BC is $49,324. Tuition & Fees Five Year Projection. All students assigned to on-campus University housing must make … Located in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, Boston College is a mid-size four year private college offering both undergrad and graduate programs. Located approximately 1.5 miles from the main Boston College campus in Chestnut Hill, Boston College Law School is situated on a 40-acre wooded campus in … There continues to be a rise of 4.0% in Boston College fees and tuition for out-of-state students in the past five years. For undergraduate school, its 2020 tuition and fees are $57,910. The Law School In-absentia fee is $5,765. For the students who admit in Fall 2020, the estimated 4 year COA is $323,633. The Carroll School of Management’s full-time M.B.A. program tuition has also been increased to $53,250, from $51,200 in 2018-19 and $49,230 in 2017-18. In 2015, 264 students graduated in the study area of Legal And Law with students earning 247 Doctoral degrees, and 17 Master's degrees. The estimated 2021 tuition & fees are $60,464. Below table shows the 4 year estimation of total costs of attendance (COA) at Boston College. To find the cost of one semester, you may divide these figures in half. Tuition expanded by 4.0% and fees expanded by 3.7%. For JD students enrolled less than full-time, the tuition charges will be $1,702 per credit. Below is a graph of Boston College Law School applicants by LSDAS GPA and LSAT score. 13–15 credits: $25,444 per semester (annually: $50,888) 2. Here, you will find all you need to know about how to apply to BU Law and determine if BU Law is a fit for you.. As a top-tier law school, BU Law is highly selective and considers many criteria in the admissions process. Summer 2020: Students registered for Summer 2020 will be charged the Fall 2019 – Spring 2020 per credit rate. Boston College Law School: 34.9% : 164 : 3.61 : $45,231 : 36: Brigham Young University, J. Reuben Clark Law School: 35.6% : 161 : 3.77 : $11,280 : 36: Fordham University School of Law: 37.9% : 163 : 3.52 : $50,996 : 36: University of California, Davis School of Law For graduate programs, its 2020 graduate school tuition and fees are $30,700. Massachusetts law requires all students enrolled in at least 75% of the full-time curriculum to have medical insurance. The Total Cost for Your Degree Will Be About $235,229. This fee is comprised of $56,780 for tuition, $14,826 room and board, $1,250 for books and supplies and $1,130 for other fees. Boston College Law School combines one of the best legal faculties in the country with a cutting-edge, academically challenging curriculum focused on the building blocks of a successful legal career—legal doctrine along with research, writing, and analysis—as well as a diverse set of over 200 elective courses and a wide range of options for immersive practical experience. The William F. Connell School of Nursing has an application fee of $40 for U.S. residents. It includes the tuition & fees, books & supplies costs, room & board charges, and other living expenses. Boston College’s tuition is $60,202. Compared with the national average cost of tuition of $40,793, Boston College is more expensive. Students enrolled in at least the minimum number of full-time credits are not eligible for credit-based tuition billing or pro rata tuition reductions. Tuition for Boston College is $56,780 for the 2019/2020 academic year. Students MUST submit full payment and/or documentation for settlement by close of business (5 p.m. EDT) on the day of the deadline as late fees and other penalties may apply. #36 in Highest Tuition. 12–15 credits: $25,444 per semester (annually: $50,888) 2. Some schools have tuition that is higher based on students with residency in-state vs out of state, books, fees, and on or off campus housing will all have an effect. Welcome to the JD Admissions section of the BU Law website. Boston College Law School is located in Chestnut Hill, MA, founded in 1929 and it has total 749 law school students. $50,888 USD (24 credits) Summer 2020 courses: 1. It's a large private university in a small city. Boston College admissions is most selective with an acceptance rate of 27%. 2020 Tuition & Fees and 2021 Estimation. Boston College is one of the 100 most expensive colleges in the America, coming in 19th on our Expensive 100 Ranking . This school year, undergrads can anticipate paying $60,226 based on current estimates. BC Law students will see tuition rise to $56,940, up from $54,750 in 2018-19 and $52,640 in 2017-18. The school has a religious affiliation with the Roman Catholic faith. One year at Boston College Law School, including tuition and housing, costs about $60,000, according to the school's website. I have been blessed with a partial scholarship that will help pay a … The average GPA of the enrolled students is 3.64 and the average LSAT score is 164. Tuition: $56,854: Room (depending on type of accommodation) $10,990: Board (most dining plans) $5,650: Fees: $1,218: TOTAL ESTIMATED BILLED EXPENSES: $74,712 + In the most recent statistical year 35,552 prospective students applied, and 9,679 were granted admission. Paying for the first year of Law School is a huge challenge as the total price of attendance is $66,536.